Listening intensively to very early country blues, work songs, sacred  ballads, gospel, bluegrass and other northern american art and song forms, may explain the sound and texture of a F.W.Smolls composition.

Fascinated by the honest and very direct expression of early american folk music, F.W.Smolls could not resist the urge to write another sad love song, but this time in the key of major, with an upbeat waltz feel to it. “In the way” an ode to seasickness, trains and sex.

Inspired by the storytelling quality of many early folk songs recorded in the 1920’s, F.W. was wondering if he could dedicate a song to his beloved grandmother Else Klein or to his son Emil or to Emil’s mother. Simply because these early recordings so often speak of family and relations.

Family and relation also characterize the line up of musicians, which F.W.Smolls choose for the ” Father Father Father” recording.

R. W. Biggs  on guitar, vocals, guidance     *Born in the US 1950

Martin Tomlinson  on guitar, vocals, jokes       *Born in England 1949

Fritz Klein  on  bass, vocals, love *Born in Germany 1950

R.W. and Martin are both close friends and share the love for straight forward and honest storytelling.

Fritz was born as a son to Friedrich Wilhelm Klein and Else Klein. In 1979 he became the father of Matthias Arbo Klein. It might be confusing to some, but he is the son and the father of F.W.Smolls. Being a very experienced singer and bass player and seemingly fitting the age group that F.W. required for this recording, Fritz is also a perfect fit.

The foundation of this kind of recording could only have been laid by these three experienced men. They have been around during the first folk revival of the 1960`s. They have seen some of the greats of americana, they have always listened to americana, they have always played americana.

The recording process was filmed and turned into a mini documentary by Anders Graver. F.W. is sure that a lot of people might be interested to see how you make a record with your dad and two other 64 year old men.

“America I hear you singing” is the one sad song on the “Father Father Father” recording. It is a father telling his story to his daughter, explaining while understanding himself, what had happened to him and to their little family.

america i hear you singing   music/words by f.w.smolls

but it`s no song of mine

it is a gospel church bell ringing

telling me the time

it is a sad and mellow sound

that creeps into my ears

i know where i am bound

it`s been a haunting me for years

i start to travel back in time

to the days i´d spend in schools

i see myself walk down a line

my teachers marked with rules

my parents taught me how to follow

so i walked it straight and proud

that was before the sorrow

the times before the doubt

now i know what was to come

but i am sure it`s news to some

well i tried to reach the goals they`d set

i ran a solid mile

i saw my father jump his seat

i made my mother smile

i was a child when i met ann

and i made her mine

i bought that house on main street ten

a cell to do my time

she kept it clean i´d cut the loan

my paycheck would disappeared

to that big old house we called our home

each mortgage due  i feared

soon i became your father

and before the year was out

i became the father of your baby brother

and that made my parents proud

now i know what was to come

but i am sure it`s news to some

with a family of four and your mum wanting more

i felt the need to stop

she twenty one, i twenty four

we`d grow apart growing up

we`d never screamed  we`d never fight

we`d labour side by side

but when you were asleep we would not talk

we would stay on our own bed side

i loved my girl, my boy my wife

yes i did

not knowing what was missing

i went in search and lid

a match to the lie i tried to live

to the hope of something higher

the line i walked came to an end

soon everything caught fire

now i know what is to come

but i am sure it`s news to som

now i know what is to come

but i am sure it`s news to some